Save Time & Money with our audio-visual comparison service.

We take the confusion out of audio-visual decisions so you get the best results with minimum fuss.

What we heard from Meeting Planners:

“I know that I am paying too much and need to go out and bid, but I don’t have an RFP...and to be honest, I don’t even know where to start.” 

"As a Meeting Planner I am sometimes intimidated by the technical audio-visual aspect of shows."

AVforPlanners 3 simple steps to overcome these common problems...

So all you need to do is make an informed decision!

What AVforPlanners users are saying:

"AVforPlanners takes the mystique out of the audio-visual and labor RFP process. From the ease of creating the RFP online to the proposal analysis, AVforPlanners will help you make a more confident decision when choosing an Audiovisual provider and ensures you get the biggest bang for your buck."

"I was so fortunate to have  AVforPlanners team assist with the audiovisual RFP/evaluation process for our annual convention. As an association event planner, getting the most bang for our buck with audiovisual services is so important. AVforPlanners helped to interpret the technical jargon of all bids, ensured our needs were met without any unnecessary extra costs, laid out a detailed comparison among bids, and most of all provided me peace of mind with our final decision on services. It is a relief to go into the annual convention with confidence in our audiovisual services plan so I can focus more energy on other aspects of the event to ensure a meaningful experience for our attendees. In addition, the process was a great learning opportunity for me as a planner to familiarize myself even more with the world of AV. Thank you AVforPlanners!"

Don't be a complacent planner, get overwhelmed by the process and stay with same vendor, or use in-house audio-visual out of convenience.

Save Time & Money with our audio-visual comparison service.  

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